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If you are like most executives, you don't think a disaster like 9/11 will ever happen again. You're probably correct, but the future will be dominated by fast moving, disruptive change - change that could take the form of terrorist attacks, but will certainly take the form of disruptive competition (such as Napster), disruptive environmental change (hurricanes, floods, etc.) governmental regulations, and technical challenges like Spam and Spyware.

  • Without an industry compliant and thoroughly tested Business Continuity Plan, you are unprepared for the future. 

As one of the leaders in Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Solutions, Uptime offers a full line of solutions for your business, from audit to design.  We will help guide your IT team as they construct their own disaster recovery module or our staff of IT professionals can develop and customize a solution that will fit your business needs while managing your technical environment in an emergency situation. When disasters, outages and other failures happen, operations will be restored quickly business losses will be minimized or eliminated.  

       Uptime’s Business Continuity specialists can help you: 

  • Develop a plan that is business and industry and business specific

  • Help you define and designate roles and responsibilities  

  • Identify and select alternative off-site IT locations

  • Back up and be prepared to restore data, documents, roles and communications

  • Educate employees, then test and review your DR plan quarterly


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